A pile of sketches

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Welcome back! I listed all the things I’ve interested in and there are so many unfinished writings. 3 days left for the final review, 6 days left in Rome. Even though I still need to work on final projects, I’m planning the last 3 days in Rome, made a list for must visit places before I leave, and sighing there are so many places I missed until now. Well let’s focus on final drawing first.

Today, I would like to talk about the sketches we made so far. Basically everyday in Rome was about sketch, sketch, and sketch. It took some times at the beginning that transaction from digital studio work what I had mostly done last semester to hand drawing and trying to make myself get out of ‘drawing’ and do sketches. I can say that is one of my problem, I talked with Ozayr about it too that I had obsession of making somewhat good drawing, certain point that I like and only can keep those ‘liked’ drawing in my sketchbook. I tore so many pages before that I felt ‘disgraceful’ to keep them with me. Umm It’s more like unorganized, rather than disgraceful haha (I worried about myself at that time that do I really have some sort of problem?) My goal myself at that time was just let it go. No matter I like or no, that’s what I did and it’s just part of process that I don’t need to get a stress from seeing those. It sounds ridiculous now, but I was pretty serious about it. I always had one sketchbook for my doodling and another for ‘drawing’ sketchbook. It was challenging for me to combine those two in one space because I can’t always ‘draw’ on the street for 5 minutes. (Someone has her secret messy note still) It was a good chance to think about myself, but I think it’s not about the quality issue. When I look back the sketchbook for the studio work process, I was fine with random penciling. Maybe it’s just categorizing? Or feel sort of burden to make it as a drawing, not a sketch. I was trying to get out of my boundary all the time and  it seems like actually working. I can tell the difference between first 10 pages and the last 10 pages of the first sketchbook.

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studio sketch

I love to sit everywhere and sketches, on the street, restaurant, just literally everywhere, anywhere and I’m appreciated that I’m with wonderful people to do with. It was not the only one time that when we sit on somewhere and do sketches, random people were taking picture of us. That was one of the pleasure of public sketching. At this point, remind what I wrote about the importance of drawing, I talked about drawing as a communication. One thing I think I did well to pursuing that was even though I brought my DSLR camera here, I never brought out except when we had trip to Venice. The main reason was I forgot where I put my memory card but the other (main main) reason was when I bring my camera with me, I know I will more focus on taking pictures. Without camera worked really well in terms of catching details, getting more chance to sit and take more time to draw. Those sketches I made is better way to communicate with people. Even just talking with my parents, one drawing tells more than my explanation. It contains not only the scene what I saw itself, but also what I felt about it what’s important in there as my understanding. Different types of drawing that I mentioned, this one month was the best time for experimenting everything. When I saw the reflection of the building from the rain on the ground, I really wanted to do watercolor right at that point. (I did later inside) Now I sent most of watercolor drawings as a postcard. I thought it’s romantic…  When I got assigned Pantheon for the term project, I was being more analytic about all those angles, numbers of columns, and so on. Rendering comes with everything. Like I said before, one of the biggest changes in the first sketchbook is the hatching angle. I always did with same angle but more like angular. After certain point, it changed to the 90 degree vertical lines. Ozayr’s effect! I feel rich having all those sketches, creating my personal collection. This was just the interim check. I’ll cover more later in other post.


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