Final Presentation

11047098_752269728221794_832590897_nHello! I’m in Istanbul now. Final presentation for the Rome project was Feb 25 Wednesday. We got hear yesterday, last day of February! In this post, I am going to go over my final presentation.

So my partner Frank and I got assigned the site with the Pantheon in the center, Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva, San Eustachio, Palazzo Montecitorio, Piazza di San Silvestro, Fontana di piazza colonna and the Travi fountain around. More than first three weeks, in fact before the last few days of the final, we invested so much time to walk around the site and try to find out what’s the significant characteristic, things that we need to focus on.  And by the time we were going to leave Rome, I became an expert in that area, not only the physical way that what’s in there, but also our interpretation of the site. We started to list all the building by the timeline order. Date of restoration, when the obelisks were moved or built, Christianization, deconstruction or work ceased. Pantheon is the oldest, stand still on the site for a long time, so we concluded it is a sort of the focal point of our site. Based on that, other buildings were built in different times. When we start to looking into the details of the buildings, us two and everyone knows Pantheon has a role as a destination or guiding point on the site, however, Pantheon itself has a very unexpected truth. When people step into the building, in the center of the big dome, oculus brings the outside light into that giant space. Not only that, there is very ordered great coffering on the dome in scientific reason. It is totally different experience when you see it from the massive exterior. The other surprising thing is Minerva church. The church is right next to the Pantheon’s back corner. It seems like it is almost covered by the very famous monument Pantheon. Tourists can easily skip this church because when you passed the pantheon, the only noticeable thing that you can see from the Minerva church site is the elephant obelisk, since its façade is way simple compared to the surrounding building. I personally really like the façade in terms of giving a break among those all ornamental churches, however the real thing is happening from its interior. Compared to the plain façade, the church’s main structure is gothic style. While many other medieval churches in Rome, the Minerva is the only existing example of the gothic church building. Moreover, the ceiling of church is painted by the blue color with golden starts, the entire space makes me feel like I’m in the universe. The church also has important status; Micehlangelo’s Christ the Redeemer and so on. Some more things about the projects, The Montecitorio building is very private, government building, that I represented this condition as covered by surrounding buildings, and shows only facade that pretty much everything that public can access, and as a way of blocking the interior space. Compared to this, right next to the Montecitorio building, there’s Pizza Colonna which is also surround by the buildings all four directions but the Marcus Aurelius column is stood up in the middle of it, and make the whole space very noticeable to the public. Drawing reflects it as an axon to show column’s symbolization . One more thing to add, I made the circle shaped of the pantheon ceiling with the sunlight through the oculus is reflected, brought the elephant from the Minerva church’s obelisk and made his nose spin the disc. Everytime we explained different buildings, make the reflections of light toward that building, give an idea of discover and visibility.

We had Andrea Ponsi, Florentine architect our group met when we went to the Florence for our review with Ozayr. He talked about our project how he felt about it, beyond that what should we do more, how can we develop this in the future. What we had were mostly based on the existing map, perspective drawing from experience, analytical drawing from what we’ve seen, what’s exist on the site. He pointed out the ‘abstraction’ for the next step, which is based on the full understand of the site, basically what we did from his saying, put more personal interpretation or imagination in the drawing. He pointed out my disc pantheon ceiling as an example of abstraction. (Honestly I didn’t mean to haha) But it was really good point and the thing we really need to do further. After every comments about the project, our group were talking about what we’ve learn from the project or any general feelings, thoughts. Most of them had a great experience of working together as a partner, learn a lot from each other, at the same time, it was interesting to see that we can tell certain drawing is from certain person, that we can see the distinguished style from each drawings as a way of representing the site. We all a little bit frustrated at the beginning that when we had only some of the drawings for each group, but it was whole a lot different experience to see how all maps were combined, and it gave us an idea of the real eternal city of Rome. One thing I pointed out was about the scale. I, personally, try to fit my buildings into the site, based on the actual size of the base map, but when I saw the whole map, people exaggerate the most important part in their site, pull out as a bigger scale. That was my biggest struggle when I was working on my drawings, since everything looks very small, but I think as a designer, it also could be designer’s decision, and I appreciated people did that. Like always, it was good to be done, but I wish we have more days that I can do more. Honestly, even the last day, I was trying to produce the new drawing in the big scale. But I believe that’s the thing I learned for sure. From this mapping experience, like what the map do, connect everywhere, guide us to the certain destination, I believe all of us get something from drawings, and the final map guides us to the certain point as understanding Rome.



One thought on “Final Presentation

  1. A terrific description of your approach and process. I hope I get to see the drawings some day. You said you have some video? Put it on YouTube, then add the link to this post.


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