Missing Cay

Hello All- Yun’s back.

Not sure 2015 student post is allowed in the blog anymore or no, but I believe it will be good to share my journey! After end of the amazing semester, I gave myself two more weeks for exploring Europe. As most of people know, I spent so much time to decide which countries I should go during the entire semester. Of course I want to go everywhere, but limited time, short money. So much things to say about each day but I’m just done this wandering life, and just sit on the random column structure in JFK airport, waiting for the flight back to Minneapolis. (Midnight to 6 in the morning….) Maybe I need to take this entire summer break to documentize all pictures and thoughts

Among those many countries I visited, I also went back to Italy for the World Expo 2015 held in Milan this time. I went to South Korea one about 3 years ago and very enjoyed it, so I was very excited. Milan visit was entirely for the Expo. I was in Switzerland before and took about 4 hours of bus ride. Those 4 hours from Zurich to Milan was the best ground level transportation experience in my life. (If that’s the word) I don’t know how to describe it and photo could never explain what I saw. It was just beautiful.

Anyways, I instictly realized I got into the Italy after I saw a series of brown roofs. My initial plan for Millan was entirely for the Expo, but I talked with Ken, one of the supporters of this Rome-Istanbul study abroad program, and he get me a chance to have a meeting with the local artist, Marco. I’ll talk about this later but after I said about the redish-brown roof, he said he didn’t realized it since it was always around him.

Alright- back the expo. This year’s theme is about Feeding planet and Energy for life. Each country has each pavilion along with the one same theme and combining the country’s traditional or characteristics.

Meaning of the Expo


List of Word Expositions


Some helpful Archdaily articles


This is just a half of all site!

From my long term of wandering life, there were so many countries I wanted to look closely in the expo. Of course in architectural wise, from studying archdaily, I had a list of building I want to look closer, but more than that contry wise (it’s funny to say differently) Of course, Italy and Turkey was in very high priority. Since it’s held in Italy, Italy had very big portion of the site, and there are some of very familiar elements such as Eataly, Peroni and so on. The biggest pavilion is the bird nest shaped building, which reminded me the facade of Beijing Olympic’s main stadium by Herzog and De Meuron.


Here is the link for the architecture. One thing I want to point out was from looking all different countries architecture, I can say some of them are very representing the country’s characteristic, traditional, some of them are not what I meat by that is more modern, sometimes very technical. I was kind of wondering why Italy has the nest façade building since I thought Expo pavilions suppose to represent the country. ( I actually had same question to the Korean one) In that reason, it is worth to read.

Now turkey!


Honestly say, before the architecture, the first thing I was looking for at the Turkish Pavilion was Cay!!!!! And they actually have it! It was 2 Euro, which was 4 times expensivier than Turkey, but since it’s expo, Fare! But the thing is, the girl at the bar couldn’t even speack any Turkish. She said she’s just a volunteer, but I proudly say teşekkür to her. Cay was great! It had been more than a week I left Istanbul, and feels like missing home. Architecture wise, what my group was studied for history class, Ismik tile works are very significant element among the pavilion, also didn’t forget about the secret geometry, and little seating area shaped fountain in the mosque. Most of all, compared to other countries, has very wide open courtyard. Still need to figure out the reason behind ceiling and wall geometric structure.


IMG_1530 IMG_1534 IMG_1548 IMG_1574

Me first got a Cay (Is this real?)

About to try a sip (Happy)

Me after drink a sip (Already?)

More then a half is gone! (Oh no-)

I realized now I’m back in the America from the water fountain in front of the bathroom at the airport. Even though I’m very poorly sitting on very cold and thick Steel, exhausted from the long flight and long time layover and hunger, I’m very happy at this point, writing this with full of memories that can’t even explain all. Still can’t believe this semester is over, and my dreamed travel is over. If too many selfies are burden, I am willing to delete some!

It was very overwhelming trip. I met so many well known architects in two weeks. End of the travel was in Barcelona, and spent a day in Mies’ Barcelona Pavilion. Should save words for later. I can see the contents are very displaced but I wish all get my excitement about all the things happened to me in two weeks.  Life experiences!


Interesting articles about the future Expo within Turkey.


Cay is special. I remember Ozayr was judging me getting Starbucks, but see where I am now! Connect me from Istanbul, to Millan, and where the next place will be?


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